Soap-maker, blogger, wife, dog-mom, mountain biker, hiker, wannabe photographer, and explorer. I love being outdoors. Instagram: @kzbookworm

I’m a Dog Mom, Small Business Owner, Volunteer, and I Work Full Time

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Hi! My name is Kim and I joined Medium in mid-October. I like to write, but I’ve never really written consistently. Most of my writing is for work, which is fun, but I don’t get to choose my topics or content. I’ve written fewer than 20 stories so far, but I’m having fun with it and I enjoy the opportunity to choose my topics and explore different ideas.

I Have a Blended Family
I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. My dad worked in the oil field so we moved around a lot. My mom and dad eventually separated. …

Wildflowers will be blooming soon

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Phlox wildflowers. Photo by the author.

As dry as this winter was, Northern Nevada got enough snow for the spring wildflowers to bloom. If our weather pattern continues as it has been, we will have flowers by mid-March.

One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to take my camera out looking for wildflowers. I love learning their names and reading about how they got those names.

I thought I would share a few of our wildflowers while we wait for spring.


Genus: Phlox One of the first flowers to bloom in the spring is Phlox, shown in the photo above. We have…

It’s been a long winter

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Getting outside cured my brain fog. Photo by the author.

Getting outside and being in the sun is important to our mental health. Winter is a hard time for many people and this pandemic hasn’t made things easier.

Next time you’re feeling drained and stuck in a rut, try going for a walk or even a run. It may not always be possible to get out and about, especially with Covid, but do what you can to move some energy around.

Jogging in place and jumping jacks could be a good start!

Going through the motions

For the last few weeks, I’ve felt like I’ve been just going through the motions, both at work…

A green oasis in Northern Nevada

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Robin sitting on a tree branch at the Wilbur D. May Arboretum in Reno, NV. Photo taken by the author.

Spring 2019: I saw an Instagram post that the Wilbur D. May Arboretum and Botanical Gardens were looking for volunteers. I was interested, so I replied to the post.

I was directed to the website, filled out an online form, and set up a date for a meeting with the volunteer coordinator.

This was pre-Covid. I was just getting over a cold, so I was embarrassed by my sniffling that day, but she understood. She also did not shake my hand as I left. I totally understood.

My volunteer application stated that I worked outside at a local state park…

The odds were not in their favor

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Dachshund in a car. Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels.

This story begins with a rollover accident on November 16, 2020 in Carson City, Nevada. A local news station covered the accident, which involved two Dachshunds. These small dogs got scared and confused by the accident. They ran from the area.

“Both dogs just bolted right over me and I watched them run into the desert.” — Jon Berg, the dogs’ owner

The owner was okay, but he was not from Carson City. Friends and family used Facebook and to show pictures of the lost dogs. …

And the dogs love it

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Photo by Matt Brown on Unsplash

My husband and I had to move last summer because our landlord decided to sell his house. We were extremely lucky to find a rental with a fenced-in backyard for our two dogs.

Over the summer and fall, we watched the dogs explore and play in the backyard. We noticed they were rooting through the grass and dead leaves. Sometimes they would take something out from under the leaves and chew on it.

Both dogs got sick last year so I worried about what they were eating out there. I looked one day and found empty peanut shells. …

You can buy these Extra Toasty crackers at the store

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Extra Toasty Cheez-Its. Photo by author.

My husband brought home a 12-pack box of Cheez-Its® the other day. That means he didn’t take lunch with him, so he went to the store and bought junk food.

I took a bag out of the box and had it open before I noticed something different. The bag said, “Extra Toasty.” There is a picture of burnt-looking crackers on the front, but they photographed it in a way that actually looks good.

That made me wonder if this brand is actually marketing to the burnt-toast crowd or if it was a total accident. I can see a batch or…

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